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Welcome to Lifestyle Psychology


Impacts on mental health services. 

Mental Health is an essential service and will continue to be one. 

Our service is open and we are able to help you. 

The government has announced all services provided 

over the phone/video will be bulk billed until 30th September 2020. 

What this means for you?

If you need assistance with managing your mental health 

help is available and it will be free. 

If you have a medicare card, and a referral from a GP 

(which is now also available over the phone with your GP), 

this service will be bulk billed,

 there will be no out of pocket expense for you. 

Call us on 0477 918 275 if you have any questions about this. 



Are you feeling overwhelmed, alone?

Do you need help in clarifying your goals?

Are you feeling stuck and would like guidance on how to create a better life?

Are you facing challenges in your relationships?

We can help you.

We are a psychology practice in Canberra which has successfully helped people 

with various problems and issues. 

When someone faces excessive hardships, they often feel alone, confused and 

helpless to cope with their situation. If the challenges become overwhelming, asking 

for help can be a very positive step. 

Everybody experiences times of upheaval in their life where they need to reach out. 

Difficult times can be an opportunity to understand ourselves better, to learning new 

ways of coping, and for self-growth. We may also find that as we learn to deal with 

specific problems, the learning is generalised to benefit other areas in our life such as 

with our family, friends, health, career, and finances, so that we may live the life that we 


We offer evidence-based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 

Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,as well as Coaching and Counselling to 

enable you to improve the quality of your life, so that you can live your life to the full.

Live the Life you want.

We specialise in:

-    Depression

-    Grief and Loss

-    Relationships

-    Domestic violence 

-    Men's mental health issues

-    Women's mental health issues

-    Workers compensation cases

-    Family mediation services

-    Maintaining work life balance

-    Anxiety and Panic Disorders

-    Self esteem and Assertiveness

-    Disability and adjustment to change

-    Child and Adolescent issues

-    Trauma and PTSD related counselling

Topics are not limited to the above list.  

These topics, and others, can be addressed as an individual, couple or family. 

Contact us on 0477 918 275.

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