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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

To make your first appointment, simply call us. We will discuss your needs and arrange a convenient booking time for you. A confirmation SMS/email will be sent to you. You can expect the greatest confidentiality, care and effectiveness.

Appointments are available face to face in our consultation rooms, via telehealth and video conference. 

Our consultation rooms are an inviting environment which you will find comfortable. 


The strictest confidentiality will be kept. No information will be passed on to anyone else without your written consent. However, if the psychologist has good reasons to be concerned about your safety or that of another person, then your psychologist is required by law to provide that information to the relevant services.

Your first session

During your visits, you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding, compassion and dignity. We offer a non-judgemental and caring environment where our main goal is to seek find effective strategies to resolve your concerns. 

Each session is 50 minutes in duration. The number of sessions required is difficult to estimate and depends on the complexity, duration and severity of the problem. It may be as few as 1 or 2, or vary from 3 to 6 to lead to significant changes in one’s life. Appointments are generally made fortnightly and become less frequent as progress is made. Each individual has different needs, these are best discussed in your first session. 

We are committed to provide a service which is caring, compassionate and effective.